Most Significant Books Part 2

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I follow the A3 blog-“Almost An Author.” Several weeks ago a post challenged me to list the ten most significant books I have read.

IMG_1350So I started my list.

Most of the books are not about writing. They are about living. I hope you’ll be challenged to read a few of them for yourself.

AND please share with us (in a comment) or (on my Facebook author page) a few titles that have impacted your life.

I might want to read them, too.

You can read the first half of my list of Significant Books here. Today I’ll pick up where we left off.

41neomarv-l11 by Leonard Sweet

Imbedded in my heart that I cannot become a dynamic, effective Christian alone. God brings different people of different personalities and backgrounds into my life to sand away my rough edges and to shape me into the person God intends for me to become.




Hungry For GOD and The Sacred Echo by Margaret Feinberg51vyqoavhrl-_sy346_

Both books showed me dramatically that God is speaking to me in every aspect of my life, through every person in my life, during every incident and season of my life. I need to be continuously listening for Him to speak.









The Writings of Amy Carmichael

Her meditations and poems reflect for me the intimacy that God wants to share with me.



Jane Yolen’s picture books

Yolen has written many, many books for children. Her picture books have become a standard for me to work toward. They show me what beautiful and wonderful things can come from the creativity God has given me.


 Gates of Excellence and other nonfiction books by Katherine Paterson

Paterson’s thoughts on writing for children helped me to clarify and define what “Christian writing” and “Christian literature” is to me.


Windows of the Soul and other books by Ken Gire

Reveal to me how God can appear to me and speak to me (and, in turn, other people) through every tiny aspect of life.



Helps me deal with people who don’t respect my healthy boundaries, helps me establish and keep healthy boundaries. I use it as a reference book and reminder when I detect that I am letting my boundaries slip.

Cloud and Townsend have written many spin-offs of Boundaries for specific relationships. I’ve stuck with the original book, and have read it several times PLUS used it for reference.


Nasty People 512bog9ofdil-_sx329_bo1204203200_

Helps me deal with several very difficult people in my life.  I recommend it to other people living in difficult relationships, and it always helps them, too.




51plnk1ypdl-_sx323_bo1204203200_The Shack

Though I don’t agree with every aspect of The Shack  reading it challenged my concept of God and my opinions about how God reveals Himself and deals with individual people–how He meets us where we are, and communicates with us in specific ways we can comprehend. Reading The Shack forced me to THINK, to critically examine details of my own personal theology.



Wow! My list is even longer than I thought! How about YOUR list? Will you please share a few titles or authors which have impacted you? 

2 Comments on “Most Significant Books Part 2

  1. Thanks so much, Kathy, for leaving a comment at “On My Shelf.” I’m sure you’ll be blessed by the books you choose to read.

  2. I have also enjoyed many of these books,especially those by Ken Guire! You’ve listed some others though, that I’ll have to read! Thanks!

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