Moms Like Mary

Mary, the mother of Jesus, is probably the most famous woman in the Bible. God certainly called her to a unique ministry. He gave her a unique gift—His own Son to mother.

We know very little about the years she was raising Jesus. So, we can’t gather much “parenting advice” from her. But what can we mothers learn from her?

  • First, Mary was available. She had been preparing for God’s assignment and was open to accepting it.
  • Secondly, Mary didn’t hesitate. When she heard the voice of God she submitted to it without reservation.
  • Thirdly, she was just an ordinary person. We are not told that Mary had any special gifts or abilities. She was simply faithful to use what she had to do the job called her to do day after day.
  • Lastly, Mary was faithful. She washed Jesus’ dirty clothes over and over again. She prepared his meals and called him to them day after day. Mary toilet trained Jesus, she taught him to roll up his sleeping mat each day, she showed him how to gather grain and grind it into meal. And she loved him all the way to the grave.

As a mom your job doesn’t seem very special much of the time. Ordinary days with ordinary tasks roll by year after year. Can you imagine—Mary knew each time she wiped the grime from little Jesus’ face that she was cleaning the face of God. She knew that each time she sent him out to play she was telling God what to do.

You don’t know who that child sleeping in your house really is in God’s plan. You don’t know who she or he will become in life. But you do know that each child running around your house is a child of God, one of His special creations.

And you are helping to transform him or her into God’s chosen vessel.

It only happens when we are like Mary:
• Available for those children
• Obeying God without hesitation
• Using our ordinary gifts in our ordinary lives
• Faithfully loving and teaching those children God’s way.

I’m praying for you, moms, as you undertake the greatest job in the world!


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