41x4gszruxl-_sx258_bo1204203200_Did you enjoy the little book PRESS HERE? I remember thinking how simple yet ingenious it was. Hervé Tullet serves up another exquisite exercise in creativity in his little picture book MIX IT UP.

By interacting with the pages of MIX IT UP youngsters explore color and what fun it is to mix those colors together. I can hear the giggles now as they pretend to get their fingers all messy while exploring this basic of art.

I found myself unconsciously following the directions in the text, then being almost surprised with each page turn. And I’ve been mixing colors for more than 60 years.

MIX IT UP is a fun excursion and an open door for children to play around with colors for real. I hope they’ll be sure to wash their hands after all that finger-painting, and before they start turning pages, however.

As an aside I must say that this book is not ON MY SHELF. I borrowed it from my local public library. Many of its pages are taped together which makes me happy.

This means that lots of little hands in my city have rubbed and swirled their way through MIX IT UP many times.

Frayed edges and torn pages are truly the hallmark of a well-loved picture book.

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