Love is Kind – LAURA SASSI Interview

Another picture book review PLUS an author interview PLUS a give away of a copy of Laura Sassi’s adorable new picture book Love is Kind.

Little Owl coverLove is Kind was published in 2018 by Zonderkidz.

This little book about love is lovely indeed. Laura Sassi skillfully weaves the truths of I Corinthians 13 into a heart-shaped story just right for young children. And Lison Chaperon’s precious illustrations of Little Owl and his furry friends make Love is Kind too cute to resist.

I’ll bet you know some little person (hint-hint to grandparents, aunts and uncles) who will adore this book.

Today I’m delighted to share not only my book review, but a visit with author Laura Sassi herself.

PLUS we have a free Love is Kind book mark for you to download. Click on the image!

PLUS Laura and I are giving away one copy of Love is Kind complements of Zonderkidz. I mean, a blog post just can’t get any better than this!

It’s a joy to have Laura share with us FIVE TIPS FOR FOSTERING KINDNESS IN OUR KIDS.

WELCOME, LAURA! So, what inspired you to write Little Owl’s story? And how can his book help parents in teaching kindness to their kids?

One of the reasons I wrote Love is Kind was to show in fun story form what love and kindness in action could look like. Now, I thought it would be fun to share a few book-inspired tips to foster kindness in our kids. My hope is that they will inspire you and your little ones to follow in Little Owl’s footsteps and spread love and kindness near and far.

Tip #1

Be kind yourself. As Grammy from Love is Kind would most certainly remind us, our little owls, I mean kids, are watching our every move. They are learning from us, seeing if our words match our actions. If we want them extend love and kindness to others, we must first be intentional about being kind ourselves in ways big and small.

Tip #2

Brainstorm ways to be kind. Little Owl was kind and loving every step of the way on his quest to get Grammy those chocolates, but he didn’t realize it until Grammy pointed it out. Sometimes reminders are helpful, so after reading the story, spend a few minutes brainstorming with your children some ways we can be kind to others. Consider having an older child write down your family’s ideas, then put them on the fridge as a visible daily reminder.

Tip #3

Make “good manners” a habit. Did you notice how polite Little Owl was throughout the story? And how good manners came so naturally to him? He said things like, “Have a good day!”, “Congratulations!” and “That’s nice.” I suspect Little Owl’s mama and papa were hard at work on a daily basis instilling those simple niceties. As parents (and grandparents) and caregivers, we can do the same with our kids so that when they are out and about those kind and friendly interactions are second nature.

Tip #4

Wear “kindness glasses.” I like to wrap up author visits by challenging the kids to be kind to those around them just like Little Owl. To help them remember this, I have them first hold their hands together so that thumbs and fingers touch to form a heart shape. I explain that these are their kindness glasses and I ask them to look through them every morning when they wake up and we all try it, which generates giggles all around. Then, while looking at them through my heart-shaped glasses, I challenge them to find at least one opportunity before the sun sets to extend kindness to another in an unexpected way. The silliness is part of the magic and it sets the tone for a good day. (Note: This tip pairs nicely with tip #2)

Tip #5

Catch each other being kind! Grammy caught Little Owl completely by surprise when she pointed out that he’d shown love and kindness along the way to Grammy’s house. And what was Little Owl’s reaction? He was thrilled! He realized HE was the gift and that his kindnesses towards others were better than any store-bought gift. Likewise, your children will be delighted when you notice their kind deeds. And this, I am certain, will spur them on to more and more and more! And that should make every parent’s heart sing. It sure makes mine!

Blessings to you and your kids as you lovingly instill in them hearts for spreading love and kindness. Happy Valentine’s Day!



Now, on to our book giveaway.

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You can download free Love is Kind resources from author Laura Sassi by clicking on the link below. They include Little Owl coloring sheets, post cards and mask template. ENJOY!


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    • Oh, it’s bringing me such joy to see all the kind responses here! Thank you for popping in, Anitha!

  1. I love all the tips for kids & I will definitely use the “kindness glasses” in one of my preschool story times this year! Thanks for the giveaway, Jean! 🙂

    • Thank you for dropping in! I’ll add your name to the drawing. Blessing!

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  3. Kindness Glasses – such a fun way to find avenues in which to practice the tips from the book. A winning combo.

  4. I think kids aren’t the only ones who need those kindness glasses!

  5. I love this! I think this book could be for adults, too, as a reminder of how love and relationships should be.

  6. This looks like an adorable book, Jean. Thanks for sharing it and including the author’s tips. If we train kids to be kind, we can trust God’s word that when they get old, they will not depart from it.

  7. I love these tips for kindness! It’s such an important topic to engage kids with. I think I’ll introduce kindness glasses to my kids tomorrow!

    • Thank yoo, Amy. I put your name in the pot!

    • Thanks, Amy. I just shared the kindness glasses with a group of preschoolers today. They were a big hit. =)

  8. Love “The silliness is part of the magic and it sets the tone for a good day.” This is so true for little ones. Great tips and such a lovely book. Cant wait to get this book for my grands.

    • Thanks for leaving a comment, Annette. Your name is in the drawing.

  9. Love the cover and Tip 5! Acknowledging the good deeds at any age is important, but especially for our little ones.

    • Thanks for your kind words. I fell in love with Lison Chaperon’s delightful depiction of Little Owl the first time I saw him. =)

  10. I’m so excited to try on my kindness glasses! What a powerful idea!! Thank you bith.

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