Lightship–Nonfiction Picture Book Review

Another nonfiction picture book review by Jean Matthew Hall.

Brian Floca’s nonfiction picture book, Lightship, was published in 2007 by Athenium Books for Young Readers.

The ISBN is 978-1-4169-2436-4.

You read it correctly. Lightship, not lighthouse.


I found the information interesting and intriguing. I had no idea about the history, purpose or existence of U. S. Coast Guard lightships.

Floca gives information about the ships, their crews, the purpose, and the hazards they faced in short bites.

His artwork is actually sketches—almost cartoon-like—shaded in with faded colors. They add life and depth to the information given in the book without distracting young readers.

The end papers offer a detailed “floor plan” of a lightship that will spark many questions from young listeners. Brush up on your terminology before reading this book to your children!

Lightship is both a historical picture book and an informational one, I think. I believe reading it with young children will whet their appetites for more books about ships in general.

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