KEVIN HENKES Children’s Author Extraordinaire


kevin-henkes-author-photoFor the next few weeks I want to discuss picture books by Kevin Henkes. I believe he is one contemporary children’s authors who has set the pace for the modern picture book: very few words; character driven; serious themes, but light-hearted. I admire both his texts and his illustrations. He writes both picture books and short novels for children.

Henkes decided while in high school that he wanted to write and illustrate children’s books. He says on his web site that it’s the only job he’s ever had. Amazing.

Once again I wish I had studied visual art in college.

You’ll find a complete list of Henkes’ 50+ children’s books here.

A few of his more recent picture books are temporarily ON MY SHELF on loan from my public library. So, on the next few Fridays I’ll be taking a look at the following titles:

  • Egg (2017)
  • When Spring Comes (2016)
  • Waiting (2015)
  • Little White Rabbit (2011)
  • Birds (2009)
  • A Good Day (2007)

I hope you’ll enjoy taking a new look at a children’s author and illustrator who has been in the business 30 years.

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