Just Write

Write whatever God has placed in your heart and mind to write. Whether it is for public view or private use – just write.

Pray and write.
Think and write.
Dream and write.
Laugh and write.
Cry and write.

Write well.
Write often.
Write from your heart.
Write what you know.
Write to learn about things that you don’t know.

Write to understand life.
Write to understand yourself.
Write to understand others.
Write to make sense of time and eternity.
Write to try to understand and appreciate God and Creation.

Write clearly.
Write beautifully.
Write enthusiastically.
Write transparently.
Write authentically.

Write to explain, to teach.
Write to encourage, to challenge.
Write to inform, to convince.
Write to entertain, to enlist.

Write to use to the fullest the gifts and opportunities God gives you.

Just write.

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