Bountiful Blessings Picture Book Series

God’s Blessings of Fall

The first book in my Bountiful Blessings picture book series released in September, 2019. The titles yet to come are God’s Blessings of Spring, God’s Blessings of Summer, God’s Blessings of Winter.

You can order a copy in hardback or soft cover from, Barnes and Noble,, or Thanks!

People keep asking me when the next book will be published. The answer is I simply don’t know. The editor of Little Lamb Books has made plans and contracted illustrators several times. But, in God’s wisdom, each of those plans has failed to happen. The world of children’s publishing is experiencing LOTS of changes and difficulties at this time. They are impacting pretty much everyone involved in the industry.

It makes me sad. I’ve been hoping and planning for these four books for years. But God has other plans and I’m trying to be grateful instead of disappointed. It means trusting God beyond my hopes and plans. It means letting go of some things I would like to control. It means reminding myself daily that God’s will is ALWAYS best.

So, I keep on writing and praying over my manuscripts. I keep trying new types of writing. I keep learning how to improve my writing skills. It makes this “on-hold” season easier for me to accept.

What is “on-hold” in YOUR life right now?

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