Is there something about your son or daughter that drives you up the wall?

Be honest!

Some habit.

Some response.

Some tone.

Some attitude.

It simply pushes all your buttons. And they know it, so they do it especially when around you.

You’ve tried to correct them. Why don’t they listen?

You’ve tried to discuss it reasonably. They can’t see that it’s a problem.

You’ve tried punishment. That makes it worse.

You’ve even prayed for wisdom to find a solution.

Well, here’s a little wisdom learned during 50 years of parenting.

LOOK WITHIN. Not within the child. Within yourself.

Could it be possible that this THING your child does is the same thing YOU do?

The same irritating habit?

The same response you have in a similar situation?

The same tone of voice that you take with others?

The same attitude you display when dealing with authority?

mirror-388386_1920 -2

Remember those two-sided mirrors? One side makes you appear normally. The other side magnifies those pimples and brown spots 10 times?

Could it be that you see your THING in the normal side of the mirror,

but you see that same thing in your child in the 10 times side of the mirror?

As my then-teen daughter used to say, “Just saying!”

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