If I Didn’t Have You

Time for another seriously silly book.

If I Didn’t Have You was written by Alan Katz and illustrated (with alligators!) by Chris Robertson. Simon & Schuster published If I Didn’t Have You in 2018.

This is a silly but touching story about family and love. Mike the little alligator and his Dad Alligator run through silly scenarios of things they could have or do if they didn’t have the other person. Things like staying up all night, eating only candy and skipping school to play video games.

Of course, Dad could take sky-diving lessons, become a rock star or have a personal butler if he didn’t have Mike.

As you’ve already figured out they both decide that they had rather have each other than any of that other stuff.

Then Mom Alligator comes home to the mess their silly antics have created.

Read it to see if she’d rather have a clean house or you-know-who!

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