I Do Not Like Books Anymore!

Another 2018 picture book review by Jean Matthew Hall.

I Do Not Like Books Anymore! According to the jacket flap is a story of “the struggles and joys of learning how to read.” Yes, I can see that in the cute story about a big sister and little brother who love books and imaginative play.

I Do Not Like Books Anymore! was written and illustrated by Daisy Hirst. It was published in 2018 by Candlewick Press.

But I’m struggling with the ending. I want resolution!

As Natalie is struggling with learning to read she decides she does NOT like books anymore! Things get better, and she seems to tolerate books. But she never actually lets us know that she has changed her mind about that.

To me that ending isn’t satisfying.

The author/illustrator, Daisy Hurst, has developed some adorable sibling characters. The story is realistic. I just want the ending to take one more step toward a satisfying resolution.

But what do I know? Only what I do and don’t like, I suppose.

Hirst also has a sister book about Natalie and Alphonse, titledATIMOCcover-144x150 Alphonse, There’s Mud on the Ceiling!

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