I’m entering the following flash story in Susanna Leonard Hill‘s 7th Annual Holiday Contest. I hope you and your kiddos enjoy it!


Jacci’s Surprise

             “Will Papa be here soon?”

“Aunt Bria is at the airport waiting for him,” Mom answered.

“Why does Papa live so far away?”

“Papa is a marine biologist. He lives on an island so he can study the animals in the sea, Jacci. Remember?”

Jacci stared out the window.

When Papa and Aunt Bria pulled in the driveway Jacci ran out the door and jumped into Papa’s arms!

“I missed you so much,” Papa said.

“Me, too!”

The next morning Jacci found a surprise. “It’s snowing! Papa, it’s snowing!”

Jacci and Papa made snow angels and snow cream. They had snowball fights and made a snowman with a big straw hat and sunglasses! “That’s what a snowman would wear on my island!” Papa said.

Soon it was time for Papa to leave. Jacci hugged him and kissed him a hundred times. “I’ll see you in the summer,” Papa said as he waved good-bye.

Christmas Eve the weather turned warm. “Oh, no, Papa’s snowman will melt!”

And he did. Christmas Day Jacci went outside to check. The snowman was a puddle of slush. Jacci stirred the slush with a stick. She saw a small box. When she opened it a note popped out.

Dear Jacci, remember that I don’t love you just at Christmas. My heart and your heart are always joined together.  Love, Papa.

Under the note was a shiny necklace with two hearts linked together! It was the best Christmas surprise ever!

7 Comments on “HOLIDAY CONTEST My Entry

  1. What a lovely story with a sweet surprise ending, Jean! Love that grandpa has such a cool job and that he and Jacci manage to maintain their relationship and love in spite of not getting to see each other much. Thanks for a wonderful entry! (Also, your link was broken. I have fixed it, I think, but I’m sorry I didn’t realize sooner so more people didn’t stop by to read your story!)

  2. What a sweet surprise and a wonderful Papa! Love the grandpa/granddaughter bond. Nice work, Jean!

  3. Lovely surprise! Good luck in the contest!

    Your link in Susanna’s list wasn’t working. I have a WordPress blog and it asked me log into my site, although I’m already in WordPress. You may want to give Susanna a heads up on this. I found your blog by typing in your name. Cheers!

  4. Aww…so very sweet! Love grandpa and granddaughter relationships. They are special! And nice ending with a special keepsake necklace. ❤

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