Guest Post – Jason Joyner

51oNzh09AUL._SX326_BO1204203200_Jason Joyner’s new release Launch is book one of the YA Rise of the Anointed series published by Little Lamb Books. It is available at online bookstores and book stores across America.

By Jason Joyner

We are all given gifts. The Father of lights gives good gifts to his children, and all people have things to offer. Whether it’s a deep and abiding faith, an ability to teach, a heart for evangelism or service, the Word is clear that we’re given these talents.

Interestingly, we are given gifts, and then we are able to choose how to use them. In the parable of the talents, two of the servants reinvest them and gain more for their master. The other servant who was only given one talent buried it, and was chastised for not doing anything with it.

As I brainstormed my novel Launch, I thought about this idea of how we’re given gifts. The Bible also says the gifts and callings of God are irrevocable. So I thought about some of the miracles of the Bible – Samson’s strength, Elijah outrunning a chariot, Phillip disappearing and appearing somewhere else. Nowadays we would call these gifts superpowers.

I wrote this book to be a good, fun read that taps into the superhero genre that is so popular right now. I grew up enjoying stories of Batman and Superman. But I didn’t want to just entertain. I hope that the discussion of using these gifts for good or evil, for serving others or serving ourselves, would spring from the book.

It’s exciting to have your words in print for others to read. Even more than that, I’d love for others to realize while reading Launch that, “Your gifts are important, so use them to serve others.”

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