Freedom in Congo Square

congo-squareFreedom in Congo Square was written by Carole Boston Weatherford and Illustrated by R. Gregory Christie. Little Bee Books published Freedom in Congo Square in 2016. It is a Coretta Scott King Honoree.



The text and illustrations of Freedom in Congo Square complement each other so well. Both are stark but beautiful. Weatherford’s language is cbw2008headshotstraightforward. She gently shows her readers that slavery meant hard, hard work day after day, all the time; that punishment was always nearby; and that those who tried to escape were hunted down.

She continues that same reserved tone when showing readers the joy and celebration of Sunday afternoons at Congo Square. Near-freedom for just a few hours each week.

The illustrations are almost primitive and reinforce the text beautifully to me regarding the difficulty of slave life, and the irrepressible joy of Sundays at Congo Square.greg-christie

The Foreword, Glossary and Author’s Notes fill in much needed information for adults and older readers.

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  1. Jean, Thanks for sharing so much information and positive help. I hope to see you at the SCBWI conference in August. Are you going? Blessings, Jan

    • Don’t know! I thought it was Sept. Life’s been a bit “not normal” for me lately. I’ll check and see!

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