Four Gifts of Christmas


I think everyone enjoys receiving gifts. That was my husband’s primary love language. He received much more joy from giving elaborate gifts than from receiving them. He squirreled back money all year dollar-by-dollar to splurge on his family at Christmas.

And he loved to give cash. He tried to think of unusual ways to gift that cash to us each year. Silver dollars, bills tucked inside boxes of candy, stuffing cash inside glass ornaments, gift cards, bills tied to our tree, on and on his surprises went for 48 years..

I enjoy gifting the people in my life, too. So, I hope this and the next few blog posts of 2019 will resonate with you as gifts from me.

One of the dearest gifts God gives us is family.

The core family of husband, wife, children is not only to bless us with love, companionship, support, provision and protection. It is also a living picture of God’s desire for us as His family. How blessed you are if your core family is a happy one.

I didn’t say perfect one. There is no such thing.

However, if the time you spend with your spouse and children working, playing, relaxing, serving others is for the most part happy you are richly blessed.

What a precious gift from God!

If you are able to count other loving people when you gather together, that is liked whipped cream and a cherry on top of yummy ice cream.

Grandparents are God’s gift to support and assist parents. They are to add joy and love and a listening ear to grandchildren. Being a grandparent is a delightful responsibility.

It seems that half of my grandkids are destined to be far away from me. That means I have the fun responsibility of making a connection to them happen regularly. I thank God for cell phones, email, Face Time, Duo, Marco Polo, Skype, Zoom and the good old-fashioned USPS. They help me enjoy my grandchildren and influence them to love their parents, their siblings, and their God.

If uncles and aunts, cousins and in-laws are part of your Christmas celebrations you are doubly blessed. My favorite childhood memories of Christmas are those that center around extended family. Just the other day my sister and I tried to count our cousins. We lost count at 40 something!

Family is one of God’s most beautiful gifts if we work hard at being at peace with each other.

As you count your blessings this Christmas be sure to include all those relatives who have touched your life. Be sure to share Jesus with each of them, too.

Have a Merry Christmas!

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  1. Thanks for this article, Jean. I enjoyed reading about your husband’s gift giving.You have a lovely family. God bless you & yours.

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