Four Gifts of Christmas


I’m reading an incredible book about creativity. I recommend Images and Idols: Creativity for the Christian Life by Thomas J. Terry & J. Ryan Lister to every person who considers themselves to be creative. Whether you express that creativity through writing (like me!), visual arts, digital arts, theatre, illustration, dance, vocal music, musical instruments, or whatever you’ll gain a whole new understanding of why we humans are creative.

Long before I became an author I expressed my creative nature through sewing, making décor for my home, cooking delicious food, maximizing storage space, stretching pennies into dollars. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was using that same gift of creativity that God gave me.

This is why we humans are all creative to some degree–because God created us to be creators. He created us in His image. And God is the original Creator. The Bible repeats this message again and again.

Many Christian groups have grown skeptical of people who are labeled as “creatives.” But God Himself is a creative. And all creativity stems from Him whether we want to admit that or not.

The problem of creativity comes when we humans forget where our creativity comes from, and what purposes our creativity is to serve. When we focus on OUR expressions of our creative nature both our art and our self-concepts get skewed. We think of OUR art, OUR ideas, Our giftedness.

Whether a person is a Christian or not all creativity begins and ends with God. All expressions of our creativity are supposed to be to worship and glorify God.

God portrays Himself in Scripture as a poet, an architect, a designer, a builder, an artist, a potter. All of these are creative pursuits.

Often Christians are afraid to express their creativity through art and music. NO! To do so is to follow God’s plan for us. Our Creator God made us to create things of beauty and purpose that will honor Him. And the act of using our creative skills is in itself a way to glorify God.

So pull out your pen or laptop. Write!

Dig out those old art supplies. Paint! Draw! Sculpt!

Pull out your camera or learn how to use the one on your phone. Shoot!

Dust off your old tap shoes or tutu. Dance for God. Show Him how much you appreciate this gift He gave you.

We don’t need to be published to write for God.

We don’t need to be famous to paint or dance or sing for God.

He is pleased when we use the gifts He gave us to express our gratitude and love for Him. It’s called worship.

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