Another Picture Book Review of a 2018 picture book by Jean Matthew Hall.

ERASER was written by Anna Kang and illustrated by Christopher Weyant. IT was published in 2018 by Two Lions.

I’m sure this must be a very popular book, but it isn’t one of my favorites. It feels like a picture book length graphic novel to me. The sketches of the characters (a variety of school supplies) are cute and the faces are expressive.

The text is written as conversation bubbles above their heads (minus the bubbles). Just not my favorite style. But I’m betting it’s popular with first graders.

Eraser feels unappreciated. Pencil takes all the credit for the work he does and trivializes Eraser’s contribution. So, she runs away.

On her journey she meets wadded-up and trashed papers who remind her of her worth. Nothing would be turned in correctly without her efforts.

So, Eraser pulls herself together and returns to help the other school supplies with the gigantic science project in progress.

In the end Pencil realizes the error of his ways and welcomes Eraser as a partner.

Like I say, not my favorite. Not just because of the art, but also the story. The plot feels incomplete. There isn’t enough conflict to show us what Eraser is really made of.
But I think your kiddos will enjoy this light and silly tale.

Eraser is also available for Kindle.

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