read-1710011_1280Twenty years ago my middle school daughter gave me a sweet book for Mother’s Day. She already knew that books were among my favorite gifts to receive!

Over the years the words of Songs from a Mother’s Heart—Meditations on the Psalms by Pamela J. Kennedy have brought me comfort, guidance, courage and sympathy as I have mothered, and grand-mothered, the children God has blessed me with.

For months I’ve been praying about adding a page to ON MY SHELF for parents.

  • I thought about a “Dear Granny” column. No. I’m no expert on child-rearing.
  • I thought about providing online resources for parents. Then I realized just how MANY practical parenting websites and blogs there are. Do you really need another one?
  • I thought about recommending books to help with parenting questions and concerns. Hmmm. Do I have time to read even more books and do them justice?
  • Then I asked God what do young parents really need from me? What can I offer you that isn’t just adding to the noise of cyberspace?

8271350710_43e529234f_kSearching for His answer I went to my bookcase—of course!

And my copy of Songs from a Mother’s Heart—Meditations on the Psalms jumped out at me.

Using this book, God’s Word, articles from magazines and online resources that I trust, and some good old home-spun wisdom I can offer parents what I do best—encouragement.

Too often I see and hear from parents who just aren’t sure they are doing the parent thing right! Too often they lack the courage or the confidence to go with their hearts when trying to raise godly, loving, thinking kids so they’ll become godly, loving, thinking men and women.

So, every Saturday beginning January 6, 2018, ON MY SHELF I plan to serve up some encouraging words to parents of babies, toddlers, preschoolers, maybe even some of those precious school-aged angels and high schoolers.

Parenting takes wisdom. And wisdom takes experience. Experience takes mistakes. And making mistakes takes doing something, trying something, even when you’re not positive it is right. Even when you’re terrified.

I hope to encourage you to trust yourself and do that something as you trust God to make up for your mistakes along the way.

So, I’ll see you in January. On Saturday the 6th. Will you help me spread the word on FaceBook?

I’ll be praying for you. So, will you please be praying for me, too?

Blessings, Meme Jean

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