“Who wants to go see the Christmas lights?”

That question was always greeted with lots of, “Me! Me!” and grandchildren rushing to get their jackets on. We’d buckle up and ride around various neighborhoods Oooing and Ahhing at the outdoor lights.

I enjoyed the sparkling lights as much as the grandkids did.


But, have you noticed how ugly all those wires and sockets and extension cords look in the day time? When the lights aren’t shining? They’re twisted and tangled. They dangle from naked trees like nooses, and smother shrubs. They really look a mess.

However, when darkness falls and we flip the switches, those nasty tangles of wires disappear and we see only the beautiful lights.

Sometimes people think that when we get saved, when we have a personal relationship with Jesus, that all the tangles and loose wires will disappear. But that’s not true. Like the Christmas lights, the tangles and messiness of our lives still exists. We still have sinful habits and bad relationships. We make mistakes in judgment, and sometimes we even choose to sin.

We can make a real mess of our lives—children and parents alike.

I pray the Lord will help us, in spite of the messiness of our lives, to shine for Him in the new year. When a blanket of darkness falls around us—when our culture tries to envelope us in darkness—I pray we’ll shine bright enough to reveal the LORD to the people watching our lives, our families and our churches.


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