You know those Christmas letters that many people write and send to their family and friends? Do you do that?

I tried it a couple of years long ago. But, by the time I got them in the mail it was mid-January. I wasn’t very good at staying on Christmas-schedule.

For many years I sent Christmas cards to 40 or 50 people–family and friends. Then postage went up, email blossomed and my time shriveled. Text messages became part of my Christmas traditions. I fell into the convenience trap.

I still think writing those yearly letters to relatives and distanced friends is a great idea. What about you? What would be the highlights of the year that you would include?

For 2017 I would share the news about my newest grand-angel, Dylan. Photos included, of course.

And the news about Mama’s passing into eternity.

I would mention how happy I am in Louisville, and how much I enjoy my little condo. I couldn’t forget the nice neighbors and friends I’ve made this year. And what a blessing Southeast Christian Church has been to me.

I would have to include a few photos of the gorgeous fall trees we had.

I would brag about how much I’m enjoying attending Christmas concerts: the JCPS orchestras, the Louisville Winds concert, the Christian Academy of Louisville & Indiana’s wonderful ensenbles, symphony and choral Christmas presentation. The music was both festive and lovely.

Of course I would tell how much I miss my NC daughter and grandchildren and their wonderful, noisy life! And how blessed I am to be near my Louisville family.

And I could not forget to celebrate the signing of my first book contract. I’m so looking forward to seeing the books in print.

During this Season of Blessings I have so much to thank God for. People, events, situations that God orchestrated, and that God controls.

Hmmm…maybe I will send out a Christmas Letter this year. Will you? What news do you have to share?


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