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NF 2019 Picture Books

In 2020 I’ve read a few dozen “lists” of the best picture books of 2019. Instead of making my own list I decided to give you a peek into some of these 2019 picture books so you can decide for yourself. Whether you are… Continue Reading “NF 2019 Picture Books”


Bully was written and illustrated by Jennifer Sattler. Sleeping Bear Press published it in 2018. Bully is a frog in a pond full of lilies. Bully wants all the lilies all to himself The story traces Bully’s rude, selfish treatment of other creatures in… Continue Reading “BULLY”

Picture Books-Cooperation & Community

Jean Matthew Hall has reviewed about 200 picture books over the past two years. The next few blog posts will list these picture books by theme and/or category for your easy reference. These titles are linked to Jean’s reviews. The Inventor’s Secret Anything Is… Continue Reading “Picture Books-Cooperation & Community”

Picture Books-Women

Mary Shelley Libba Lizard Lady Jane Austen Jane Austen for Kids by Nancy I. Sanders

Be A Good Dragon

Be a Good Dragon was written and illustrated by Kurt Cyrus, and published in 2018 by Sleeping Bear Press. Poor Enzo the Dragon! He has a terrible cold and is sneezing without control. But Enzo isn’t the only one suffering. Each sneeze spews flames… Continue Reading “Be A Good Dragon”


SURPRISE! Was written and illustrated by Caroline Hidilaksono. Arthur A. Levine Books published it in 2018. This is a fun read about forest friends who get bored. They want to make new friends, go on a new adventure. But other animals in the forest… Continue Reading “Surprise!”

If I Didn’t Have You

Time for another seriously silly book. If I Didn’t Have You was written by Alan Katz and illustrated (with alligators!) by Chris Robertson. Simon & Schuster published If I Didn’t Have You in 2018. This is a silly but touching story about family and… Continue Reading “If I Didn’t Have You”

Possum and the Summer Storm

Possum and the Summer Storm This is the third Possum book by Anne Hunter. Possum and his passel of joeys face a summer storm. It wipes out their home. So Possum sets out to find a new home for his family. Possum and the… Continue Reading “Possum and the Summer Storm”

If the S in Moose Comes Loose

Another 2018 picture book review by Jean Matthew Hall. Hilarious! If the S in Moose Comes Loose written by Peter Hermann and illustrated by Matthew Cordell is stunningly hilarious. Judging from their short bios both the author and the illustrator are hilarious themselves. Go-figger!… Continue Reading “If the S in Moose Comes Loose”


It’s difficult to talk with our little ones about hard topics like hunger, war and displaced families. Today’s picture book might be a bridge to discussing some of those topics. Tomorrow is not like most picture books I’ve read. It isn’t silly or dreamy… Continue Reading “Tomorrow”

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