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New Mother’s Prayer for Energy

This quote is taken from Hugs for New Moms by Stephanie Howard, page 20. When motherhood                           is draining the best of you and you feel overwhelmed and    ill-equipped for the responsibilities      … Continue Reading “New Mother’s Prayer for Energy”

Parenting From Fear Or Courage?

I’ve been a parent for 48 years. Boy! I’m old. Over this half-century I’ve seen many changes in our culture—including our Christian culture. I’ve watched the family structure crumble little-bit-by-little-bit. It’s a huge contributor to the other social ills of 21st Century America, in… Continue Reading “Parenting From Fear Or Courage?”

2018 Books on Christian Parenting

This list comes from an article in Publisher’s Weekly dated January 24, 2018. “Publishers Offer Parents Guidance In Challenging Times” was written by Ann Byle. Read the entire article here. So, watch for these titles to hit the shelves at various times in 2018,… Continue Reading “2018 Books on Christian Parenting”


I Samuel 16:7 b says: “Man does not see what the Lord sees, for man sees what is visible, but the Lord sees the heart.” Luke 16:15 b says:                               … Continue Reading “YOUR CHILD’S HEART”


For the past fifty years I have prayed over my sleeping children, then grandchildren. Even when they were in their teens (too busy usually to pray with me) I knelt beside their beds late at night and prayed specifically for them. When my sons… Continue Reading “PRAYING OVER YOUR CHILDREN”

Six Steps to Successful Sharing

Many avenues are now available for writers to publish and publicize their books. Some of us choose traditional publishing. Some  choose self-publishinng, co-publishing or a dozen other options. The same might be said for marketing or sharing the books we write. My guest today,… Continue Reading “Six Steps to Successful Sharing”

On My Kindle Shelf

I have more than one book shelf, you know. One is tangible—I love its ready accessibility and it’s physical beauty. But the other—my Kindle Shelf—is so mobile and convenient that I love it, too. Several of the books on my Kindle are for writers.… Continue Reading “On My Kindle Shelf”

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