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5 Love Languages of Children-Part 3

In The Five Love Languages of Children we’ve been learning how to fully communicate our love for our children in a language they will best understand. Click HERE to review the 5 Love Languages. Click HERE for the introduction to this series. Today’s question… Continue Reading “5 Love Languages of Children-Part 3”

14 Powerful Ways to Show Your Children You Love Them

1. Touch them when you speak to them. 2. Look them in the eyes when you speak to them. 3. Stop! Listen when they speak to you. 4. Thank them for helping. 5. Smile big while you mess up their hair. 6. Tickle! Tickle!… Continue Reading “14 Powerful Ways to Show Your Children You Love Them”

More Things To Remember

1. Academic success during grade school or high school doesn’t always indicate success in college. 2. When to bite their tongues. 3. Their child’s favorite dessert. 4. Dozens of ways to say, “I love you!” 5. That after they are grown most children are… Continue Reading “More Things To Remember”

Pointers: Talking to Children

When talking with your children follow these pointers from Jo Frost (Supernanny) in her book, Supernanny: How to Get the Best from Your Children. (Page 73) • Don’t scream and shout. Use the Voice of Authority [*] for bad behavior • Praise your child… Continue Reading “Pointers: Talking to Children”

11 Quick & Easy Desserts

Pudding and fruit parfaits – use clear glasses or clear disposable cups for easy cleanup. Pudding and cookie crumb parfaits – use up those broken cookie pieces. Berries and whipped topping – serve in a bowl or an ice cream cone. Refrigerated cookie dough… Continue Reading “11 Quick & Easy Desserts”

Sick Days Fun Box

Don’t you hate it when your little ones are sick? And don’t you hate it when they feel much better and want to be up & busy, but can’t? What do you do—read to them all day? Or let them have perpetual screen time?… Continue Reading “Sick Days Fun Box”


Today’s title isn’t for your kids–it’s for YOU, parents. I am ashamed to admit I was a yelling parent. I hated myself for it each time I lost control and yelled at my kids. My mother was a yeller. Her mother was a yeller.… Continue Reading “STOP THAT YELLING!”

Breakfast on the Go!

Mornings can be crazy, I know.  Here are some ideas for QUICK and nutritious breakfasts that kids can eat at home or in the car. If you know ahead of time that you’re going to have an early day pack everything for the kids… Continue Reading “Breakfast on the Go!”

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