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Tales of my NF PB Biography

Where to Start? A month ago I was challenged to tackle writing a nonfiction picture book. A biography, specifically. My friend told me to brainstorm topics that interest me and start my research there. But I quickly became stuck! I am passionate about Christ,… Continue Reading “Tales of my NF PB Biography”

online sites for writers

Online Educational Sites for Writers (as of April, 2020) Agent Query                              American Library Association  Build Book Buzz-terms             Writer’s Digest University        Writer’s Digest                          KidLit-voice                                      Reading Your Way to Great Writing Voice S.T.E.M.                                    ThoughtCo.                                Mentors for Rent                   … Continue Reading “online sites for writers”


I opened a PINTEREST account more than a year ago. Then promptly ignored it. I’ll bet you’ve done something similar before, too. However, a couple of months ago I decided it was time to revisit, learn, conquer the beast. I’m glad I did. Now… Continue Reading “MY PINTEREST”

Nonfiction for Kids is BIG!

Click here to read the first in my blog series on writing nonfiction for young readers. It’s posted at Almost An Author the blog with access to pretty much everything you ever need to know about writing for publication!

Online Resources for Writers–Picture Book Builders

Picture Book Builders is a blog about picture books. It features reviews of picture books by authors of picture books.  Whether you are a writer of picture book manuscripts, or a parent or teacher looking for great picture books to share with the children… Continue Reading “Online Resources for Writers–Picture Book Builders”

Online Courses for Christian Writers

Online Courses for Christian Writers by Jean Matthew Hall Writers can find thousands of online courses to improve their skills. Today I’m directing you to two online sources for continuing education for those who write from a Christian worldview. Serious Writer Academy was started by… Continue Reading “Online Courses for Christian Writers”

KidLit TV – A Curiously Entertaining Place for Children’s Writers & Illustrators

Writers, illustrators, teachers, librarians, parents, kids—anyone who loves children’s literature will find something fun and interesting on KidLit TV. If you are a visual learner (Aren’t most of us?) KidLit TV is the place for you. Pretty much everything on the site is presented… Continue Reading “KidLit TV – A Curiously Entertaining Place for Children’s Writers & Illustrators”


Today let’s take a look at two great online resources if you are writing for children.  and Picture Book Builders offers short picture book reviews by eight picture book authors and illustrators. I frequently find titles I want to check out for… Continue Reading “TWO ONLINE RESOURCES FOR CHILDREN’S WRITERS”

Goodreads Online Resource for Writers and Readers

Another online resource for authors and readers–Goodreads–by Jean Matthew Hall Please click on “Leave a Comment” in the sidebar to the left to respond to the questions below.   A few years ago I joined Goodreads. I didn’t know what it was for, didn’t… Continue Reading “Goodreads Online Resource for Writers and Readers”

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