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More Things To Remember

1. Academic success during grade school or high school doesn’t always indicate success in college. 2. When to bite their tongues. 3. Their child’s favorite dessert. 4. Dozens of ways to say, “I love you!” 5. That after they are grown most children are… Continue Reading “More Things To Remember”

Pointers: Talking to Children

When talking with your children follow these pointers from Jo Frost (Supernanny) in her book, Supernanny: How to Get the Best from Your Children. (Page 73) • Don’t scream and shout. Use the Voice of Authority [*] for bad behavior • Praise your child… Continue Reading “Pointers: Talking to Children”

God of Refuge for Parents

When life gets tough,    I am your hiding place. I’m near when you call upon Me in truth.    I’ll protect you from trouble, Surrounding you with songs of deliverance. Give Me all your worries    And watch Me sustain you and your… Continue Reading “God of Refuge for Parents”

11 Quick & Easy Desserts

Pudding and fruit parfaits – use clear glasses or clear disposable cups for easy cleanup. Pudding and cookie crumb parfaits – use up those broken cookie pieces. Berries and whipped topping – serve in a bowl or an ice cream cone. Refrigerated cookie dough… Continue Reading “11 Quick & Easy Desserts”

Who’s In Charge Here?

“…it’s important for parents to be parents and to take time for training their children. Mutual respect should be enforced at all times.” “…provide an environment of mutual respect, kindness, and balanced discipline when it is needed. You see, behavior is learned.” (From page… Continue Reading “Who’s In Charge Here?”

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