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The Father Effect

For the dads who are struggling with their role, please watch this short film. It is 15 minutes long, but it has the potential to change your life–and the lives of your family.   If it speaks to you, or if you think it… Continue Reading “The Father Effect”

Happy Father’s Day

My gift to all of you DADS out there.    

13 Ways to Teach Your Kids to Fail

Teaching your child to be a failure in life is pretty easy. Just follow these 13 easy steps: Protect your child from inconveniences when working on a task. Protect your child from any and all physical injury. Intervene anytime your child has a disagreement… Continue Reading “13 Ways to Teach Your Kids to Fail”

You Are a MOM!

YES! You CAN do this parenting thing because:  You are beautiful. Those little people in your home think YOU are the most beautiful woman in the world. You are smart. Smarter than you think you are. You are tough. When things are tough you… Continue Reading “You Are a MOM!”

Parenting From Fear Or Courage?

I’ve been a parent for 48 years. Boy! I’m old. Over this half-century I’ve seen many changes in our culture—including our Christian culture. I’ve watched the family structure crumble little-bit-by-little-bit. It’s a huge contributor to the other social ills of 21st Century America, in… Continue Reading “Parenting From Fear Or Courage?”


I Samuel 16:7 b says: “Man does not see what the Lord sees, for man sees what is visible, but the Lord sees the heart.” Luke 16:15 b says:                               … Continue Reading “YOUR CHILD’S HEART”

Picture Book Review – Nancy Tillman Author/Illustrator

Three beautiful picture books by Nancy Tillman Reviewed by Jean Matthew Hall The threat of an ice/snow storm hangs over us today. So, before the storm was due to hit I headed for one of my favorite places—the library! I knew that I didn’t… Continue Reading “Picture Book Review – Nancy Tillman Author/Illustrator”

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