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Pointers: Talking to Children

When talking with your children follow these pointers from Jo Frost (Supernanny) in her book, Supernanny: How to Get the Best from Your Children. (Page 73) • Don’t scream and shout. Use the Voice of Authority [*] for bad behavior • Praise your child… Continue Reading “Pointers: Talking to Children”

Top Ten Rules for Mealtimes

New York Times bestseller author Jo Frost, a.k.a. Supernanny, has some excellent advice for parents. While I don’t agree with everything she does I believe her ability to capsulate her philosophy into her TOP TEN RULES is useful. Here are her TOP TEN RULES… Continue Reading “Top Ten Rules for Mealtimes”

Advice from Super Nanny, Jo Frost

I am not a big advocate of getting your parenting advice from TV shows. But I have watched a few episodes of Super Nanny. I’ve found her advice and practices to be sound, doable and effective. Occasionally I’ll give you a bit of wisdom… Continue Reading “Advice from Super Nanny, Jo Frost”

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