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My blog archives

After much prayer and thought about the future of my blog – Encouraging Words from Jean Matthew Hall – I’ve concluded that I need to stop writing new posts. I have become seriously involved with my Word Weavers International online critique group, with the… Continue Reading “My blog archives”

In my distress

Over the past few months I’ve experienced an avalanche of emotions–most of them negative. I’ve been afraid, stressed, distressed, lonely, confused, worried, sad, angry, hesitant, even paralyzed at times. But I’ve found the secret to coping with those emotions and keeping them in check—or… Continue Reading “In my distress”

Peace in distress

When my days seem to be filled with distress I try to fill my heart with God’s Word. For me there’s no better way to keep my heart tuned in to it than through spiritual music. Shane & Shane’s performance of “I Will Wait… Continue Reading “Peace in distress”

Writing in rhyme

Children love both rhythm and rhyme. Toddlers and preschoolers can’t help but groove to music that has both elements. Even we adults find ourselves tapping our toes and bouncing to the beat of whatever is coming from our car radios. Rhythm is part of… Continue Reading “Writing in rhyme”

Fun preschool Math Activities

I was recently introduced to the blog Smart Parent Advice by Ryan and Cristin Howard. They offer sound, practical (I do mean PRACTICAL) advice for parents of young children. Cristin’s post “Fun Activities to Promote Math Skills” contains fun and effective math activities for… Continue Reading “Fun preschool Math Activities”

publication–the prize

Time for honest confession here. I know this post is longer than my usual blog posts. But I hope it speaks to someone in cyberspace. I’ve been writing for publication for almost 15 years. God has given me little bits of publication and I… Continue Reading “publication–the prize”


I recently read Images and Idols—Creativity for the Christian Life by Thomas J. Terry & J. Ryan Lister. It was published by Moody Publishers in 2018. This is a very small book filled with very big ideas. It gave me much to contemplate and… Continue Reading “Creativity”

True love

Another beautiful YouTube video. A song about Christ and His true love for us. Take a moment to thank Him for the unimaginable sacrifice made by God–the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Heaven’s temporary loss was truly our eternal gain.

Teaching Kids How to think

Teaching Kids How to Think My oldest child would have been 51 this year had he continued to live on this earth. He’s in heaven, and his age is eternal. So, I’ve been parenting and grandparenting a long time. I wanted to teach my… Continue Reading “Teaching Kids How to think”

Tales of my NF PB Biography

Where to Start? A month ago I was challenged to tackle writing a nonfiction picture book. A biography, specifically. My friend told me to brainstorm topics that interest me and start my research there. But I quickly became stuck! I am passionate about Christ,… Continue Reading “Tales of my NF PB Biography”

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