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Writing in rhyme

Children love both rhythm and rhyme. Toddlers and preschoolers can’t help but groove to music that has both elements. Even we adults find ourselves tapping our toes and bouncing to the beat of whatever is coming from our car radios. Rhythm is part of… Continue Reading “Writing in rhyme”


“Oh, no! I forgot Mrs. So-and-so.” Yes, I’ve said that before. Bet you have, too. Or, “Mom, I need a gift for a party I’m going to.” You’ve heard that, haven’t you? Many years ago I thought it was weird that my mother had a… Continue Reading “LAST-MINUTE GIFTS”

Picture Books and More

I’ve mentioned that I’m now on Pinterest. I find it useful in several areas of my life. Today I want to share my Pinterest Picture Books Reviews Board with you. Gentle Chapter Books 17 Unexpectedly Awesome Books for Boys Books That Teach Kindness (and… Continue Reading “Picture Books and More”

Goodnight, Manger-PB Review

Another Christmas Picture Book Review by Jean Matthew Hall. Goodnight, Manger is Laura Sassi’s take on the first Christmas. It was illustrated by Jane Chapman and published in 2015 by Zonderkidz. This board book is sturdy enough to last for years through several sets… Continue Reading “Goodnight, Manger-PB Review”


I opened a PINTEREST account more than a year ago. Then promptly ignored it. I’ll bet you’ve done something similar before, too. However, a couple of months ago I decided it was time to revisit, learn, conquer the beast. I’m glad I did. Now… Continue Reading “MY PINTEREST”

One Small Donkey-PB Review

Another Christmas Picture Book Review by Jean Matthew Hall One Small Donkey: A Christmas Story was written by Dandi Daley Mackall and illustrated by Marta Alvarez Miguens. It was published by Tommy Nelson in 2016. Dandi Daley Mackall has created an adorable story that… Continue Reading “One Small Donkey-PB Review”

New Christmas Picture Book

She’s done it again! My sweet friend, Jill Roman Lord, has worked her word-magic again and brought the first Christmas night to life for young children. Her verses are in perfect rhyme and meter. Her insights into the celebration surrounding the birth of Jesus… Continue Reading “New Christmas Picture Book”

Collaborative Writing

By Crystal Bowman I’ve had a few co-authoring projects over the years that were one-time contracts with no further commitments to another author. But now that I’m writing with my daughter, Teri McKinley, this could be a long-term collaborative relationship! Teri was only 8… Continue Reading “Collaborative Writing”

Bringing Big Doctrines Down to Kid Size

How can we teach Bible doctrine to children in ways that they can understand?

On My Shelf Again

The books that belong On My Shelf have been packed in boxes and out of sight and reach for more than a month. And my “shelf” didn’t even exist. For this writer that’s kind of like trying to type or word process my words… Continue Reading “On My Shelf Again”

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