Called to Write

Called to Write: Seven Principles to Become a Writer on Mission

By Edna Ellison & Linda Gilden                    Published by New Hope Publishers in 2014

Available in print and digital formats.

called-to-writeCalled to Write is written for Christians who God has called to write for Him. The text walks us through seven stages of writing in answer to God’s call.

The “Preface” gives us the heartbeat of this volume:

God loves for writers to surrender their careers to Him and let Him direct. Relinquishing control is not always an easy thing to do. We struggle with that just like every other Christian writer.

This book is not about the struggle of being a Christian writer. It is more about the blessing of following God’s call to be a writer on His team.

Though Called to Write touches on some basics of the craft of writing its emphasis is the spiritual preparation of the writer, not the manuscript.

Ellison and Gilden dig into many types of writing and projects that fit under the umbrella of writing for God. They focus on the spiritual preparation and growth of the writer, however. They state:

We write to bring honor to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That doesn’t mean that every word, article, or book we write must be a sermon. That doesn’t mean that everything we write must be evangelistic. However, it does mean that everything we write, no matter what the subject, should be written with excellence and in a way that honors our Lord.

Each chapter ends with three sections designed to help us examine ourselves.

THE MISSIONARY IN YOU asks questions about our mission and purpose as Christians.

THE WRITER IN YOU asks questions about our motives and emotions related to our writing.

A WRITER’S PRAYER invites us to pray in specific ways for God’s direction in our writing and publication, and other areas of ministry.

If God has given you a message and a call to proclaim it in writing, this book will give you both direction and encouragement in following God’s call.

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