Blogging About What?

cropped-jeanpbs02.jpgI’m stuck and I need your help!

I started this blog with the intention of summarizing one book about writing, and one picture book each week.

The picture book side is going well. Each year I get a whole new supply of wonderful books to read and discuss. But I get the feeling that, while I’m enjoying the picture books, my hoped-for audience is not gaining anything worthwhile from these posts.

Also, I’ve found that I can’t keep up with one book about writing per week. Not and do those books justice. I can’t read and digest them that quickly. Also, again, I think I’m not meeting the needs of my target readership.


Will you help me by telling me what YOU want to learn from ON MY SHELF?

Should I change the focus? To what?

Should I change the title? To what?

Should I post only once each week?

Do you have questions you want answered? Like what?

Should I focus on a different audience? Writers? Children? Parents? Teachers?

Should I simply shut down for a while?

Are you already trying to follow too many blogs?

Should I focus on a monthly newsletter instead of a blog?


Please respond so I can get some guidance. I don’t want to waste your time or mine shouting into empty space.

Please respond here in the Comments, or

Email me at, or

Leave a comment on my FaceBook page JeanMatthewHallAuthor

Thanks so, so much!

4 Comments on “Blogging About What?

  1. Hi Jean,
    Coming from the same place of finding my niche and keeping a balanced writing life (not to mention the rest of life!), I understand where you’re coming from with this latest post. Keeping up with a blog can be difficult and stressful. I have enjoyed your critiques of both PB’s and writing how-to books. You said that you were doing fine with the PB’s, but not the writing books so maybe you just need to take longer on those. I pray the Lord will help you figure it all out in a way that you find enjoyable and helpful for you and others.

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