Be A Good Dragon

Be a Good Dragon was written and illustrated by Kurt Cyrus, and published in 2018 by Sleeping Bear Press.

Poor Enzo the Dragon! He has a terrible cold and is sneezing without control. But Enzo isn’t the only one suffering. Each sneeze spews flames and cinders all over the mountain, the village and the villagers.

Enzo finally makes his way to the royal magician who prescribes drinking plenty of water and getting lots of rest. But Enzo won’t agree. He wants a magical solution.

So, Abracadabra and kalamazoo! Let the magic begin.

The book ends with a child having a cold and getting the same prescription. It seems to me that the entire purpose of the book is to reiterate to children that they need to drink and rest whenever they get a cold.

Sounds great so far, but then the story takes a turn that I don’t like. The magic solution seems to be to trick Enzo into drinking plenty of water and getting lots of rest.

Another thing that really bothers me is that the book is filled with dialogue written with the sounds of someone with a cold. For example:

            Enzo tells the magician, “Bake be all bedder!”

            Enzo gets frustrated and roars, “Id’s drivigg be duts! I CAD DAKE EDDY BORE!”

Sorry, but that kind of writing drives me nuts! I must decipher each thing that Enzo says. I believe that’s asking too much work of readers. It makes the story come to a screeching stop! I believe the book would have been more effective if the author had written the dialogue straight without the stuffed nose effect.

Yet another picture book that is not on my “favorites” list.

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