Anti-Resolution Revolution

Author and Teacher Julie Hedlund started her Anti-Resolution Revolution several years ago. I like the idea. We all know that New Year’s Resolutions never last. Read her post about it HERE.

In light of this I’m going to celebrate my 2019 successes. Here goes!

1. My first picture book was published in September by Little Lamb Books. YAY! And three more in that series are coming.

2. I survived eight weeks of school visits, a blog tour, daily social media and guest blogging for the new book God’s Blessings of Fall.

3. I wrote and submitted four articles to children’s magazines. None were bought, but I’ll keep trying.

4. I completed a 13 week Sunday school curriculum and was paid well for it.

5. I attended Mt. Hermon Christian Writers Conference. Learned a lot and made some great new friends. Also, God provided every penny of the cost through that job of writing the Sunday school curriculum.

6. I was able to share my trip to Write2Ignite with my 14 year old grandson. That was a great weekend for me.

7. I led picture book workshops at three conferences in 2019, and got positive feedback from all three.

8. I learned some valuable lessons in my spiritual life and made some life-changing decisions.

9. I moderated a Word Weavers Int’l online critique group without losing any friends in the group! Thank you, Lord.

10. I read five nonfiction books and was able to apply what I learned from them.

11. I learned a valuable lesson about plotting picture books and was able to apply it to some manuscripts.

12. I wrote six new picture book manuscripts. Don’t know whether or not they’ll succeed. I trashed one idea and am working on the other five.

13. I made a couple of great new writing relationships. Thank you, God.

So, what can you celebrate as a writer in 2019? Would you please share in the comments? Or do your own blog post and leave the link here in the comments? Thanks.

2 Comments on “Anti-Resolution Revolution

  1. Congratulations on all of your 2019 endeavors, Jean!
    I learned many things in 2019. I tried a new avenue by serving on a homeschool review crew. It was fun, and a lot more work than I anticipated! But I learned so much! The knowledge and experience I gained there helped to increase my Pinterest page views from 2.3k to 38.3k in less than a year. Those Pinterest views are introductions of myself to other people. They see my heart and my message and click on over to my website. Hopefully, when I’m published they’ll be future readers of my work.
    I pray for wisdom and continued growth for us both in 2020. 🙂

    • Fantastic news about Pinterest, Sally. I’m praying for wisdom, too. I keep reminding myself that God holds my times in His hands. Love you!

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