Bully was written and illustrated by Jennifer Sattler. Sleeping Bear Press published it in 2018.

Bully is a frog in a pond full of lilies.

Bully wants all the lilies all to himself

The story traces Bully’s rude, selfish treatment of other creatures in the pond. Until one day the snails, the bees, the dragonflies and the flies have had enough. They chase Bully away to another pond—one without beautiful lilies.

The illustrations in Bully are cute and funny. But the story falls flat for me. There isn’t enough arc. And truthfully, I like stories where the main character changes. In Bully the main character stays stagnant. All of the other characters change, but Bully continues in his selfish ways.

This book would be a good conversation starter for discussing how to handle bullies. But not for encouraging change from a negative behavior like bullying to a positive change in behavior.

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