Advice from Super Nanny, Jo Frost

I am not a big advocate of getting your parenting advice from TV shows. But I have watched a few episodes of Super Nanny. I’ve found her advice and practices to be sound, doable and effective.

Occasionally I’ll give you a bit of wisdom from her book Supernanny: How to Get the Best from Your Children (Hyperion, 2005)

I agree with her comments in the Introduction to the book:

“In the past, there were often grandparets and other family members nearby who could lend a hand and give support and advice. Many parents today find that they have none of these traditional support systems in place. When both parents work, that means more stress and isolation. Where there’s just one parent coping with kids on their own, it’s even harder.

Some people naturally take to parenting like ducks to water. Some don’t. It’s just something else that has to be learned, understood and practiced. The more you know, the more you read and talk to people, the more you will trust yourself, find your own feet and make your own choices. Be confident. How you bring up your kids is your choice–it’s up to you.

Raising your children is the most important role you will ever have. You are literally giving them strong foundations for life. But it doesn’t have to be a slog. Parenting can and should be a joy.”

AMEN! “Raising your children is THE (emphasis mine) most important role you will ever have.”

NOTHING can take presedence over it. NOTHING!

IN MY OPINION: By loving and training your children, and providing them with security, you are doing the most important work on the earth.

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