A Parent’s Touch

The following is a thoughtful quote from A Woman’s Touch: The Fingerprints You Leave Behind by Amy Nappa. (Howard Publishing 2001). Though this book is addressed to women, Nappa’s advice below is equally applicable to moms, dads and grandparents.

Because of the vast amount of time we’ll spend with our children during their lives, they’re probably the ones who will be the most influenced, changed, and molded by our touch. So touch carefully! Pour honey into their hearts instead of vinegar. Give them your best side instead of your worst. Bring out the company dishes for them. Write them notes to remind them of your love.

Speak gently to them. Remember, the lips that kiss their wounds can also lay open new heartaches. Compliment them on their strengths and encourage them in their weaknesses. Tell them of your love for God and model that love daily. Let them see you reading your Bible and hear you turning to God in prayer…

The best tribute your children can give you is to M-Day Tab Memegrow up to be wise and loving men and women who follow Jesus. Be intentional in touching them. Show them the grace and love God has shown you. They’re your legacy to a world that desperately needs His touch. (pps 96-97)

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