A Nonfiction Picture Book-Otters Love to Play

Another nonfiction picture book review by Jean Matthew Hall

Otters Love to Play written by Jonathan London and illustrated by Meilo So is a picture book about—you guessed—those adorable little clowns of water ways, otters. It was published in 2016 by Candlewick Press.

The ISBN is 978-0-7636-6913-3.

OttersAt zoos, aquariums and nature centers otters are always a favorite. Their playfulness and skill as swimmers attract lots of attention from children and adults alike.
Otters Love to Play is filled with interesting information about otters and lovely, soft illustrations. The colors of nature’s seasons move the story through those seasons of the year complementing text like:

“The days grow shorter, the nights grow longer, and one day, winter blows in with a blast of white.”

Teacher Alert!

Waves of smaller text on each page add factual details related to the primary text and illustrations. The illustrations are double spreads and large enough to make this a great book for sharing with a group of children.

Also, Otters Love to Play, is one of the few recent picture books I’ve seen with an Index. A real plus for teaching elementary students about research.

A page of additional information about otter species and conservation efforts completes the text.

I highly recommend Otters Love to Play.

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