A Little Help Here–a Survey

IMG_5047Dear Readers,

I am considering expanding my blog to three days each week. One day of ENCOURAGING WORDS FOR WRITERS, one day for PICTURE BOOK READERS and one day for PARENTS OF YOUNG CHILDREN.

I am not a professional therapist, counselor or advisor. I am simply an experienced parent and grandparent. I hope to steer young parents and grandparents in the right direction to find answers to some everyday questions about caring for young children by posting helpful articles and links to other parenting blogs, magazines or books.

But I need to know what topics concern parents of young children. What kinds of questions would young parents ask other parents or grandparents?

Will you help me by completing this survey, then suggesting some questions or topics that my blog might broach. Please leave them in the comments below, email them to me at jean@jeanmatthewhall.com, or leave them on my Face Book page at https://www.facebook.com/JeanMatthewHallAuthor/. 

This will help me bo-koodles! Thanks. perplexed

Demographic Questions


Are you a parent of young children (eight years old or under)?

____  yes         ____  no

Are you a grandparent of young children (eight years old or under)?

____  yes         ____  no

How many children do you have?

____  1            ____  2            ____  3 or more      reading in bed

Are you a single parent?

____  yes         ____  no

Do you have your children  ____  full-time or ____  part-time?











5 Comments on “A Little Help Here–a Survey

  1. Grandparent of 5, 11 and under. I think parents today tend to Google an answer before asking their parent. That bugs me! Probably doesn’t answer your question though. I think they have lots of questions about what is normal. But I have no idea how you would address that!

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