A Dozen Mommy Myth Busters


  • You CAN handle potty-training, drivers training, and training bras all at the same time.
  • Despite their refusal to eat anything green, your children will NOT be malnourished.
  • Runny noses are disgusting. But they are not fatal.
  • Playing outside in the cold without a jacket occasionally does not cause pneumonia.
  • A few loose germs around your house will not give your kids the Plague.
  • Lots of babies do not crawl before they walk. Scooting, sliding and rolling get them where they want to go just fine.
  • Rough-housing with Dad is good for your kids. It makes them emotionally stronger, more independent and more secure.
  • family-2972198_1920Rocking chairs are seriously under-used. Rocking babies promotes their emotional welfare and develops the decision-making portion of their brains.
  • A small daily dose of dirt is good for your child’s immune system.
  • Holding babies and playing with children IS more important than dusting and washing windows. Who cares if no one thinks you are Martha Stewart?
  • Breastfeeding is wonderful. But formula-fed babies can be just as healthy, just as happy, just as loved and secure as breast babies.
  • Every baby will eventually have diaper rash and little bumps on their adorable faces. It does not mean that you are a bad mom


LOVE, absolutely, hands-down, is the most important part of mothering.

One Comment on “A Dozen Mommy Myth Busters

  1. I agree to all of these based on my experience as a mom. Thanks for sharing!

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