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God's Encouraging Words

"And God saw all that He had made, and it was very good."
Genesis 1:31 a (HCSB)

Genesis 1 records God creating the Universe--our world and all that is in it--and humankind. Sometimes I think we've become so familiar with this account that we forget how incredible it is.

After God completed His plan for Creation Genesis 1 records that He rested from this project. Maybe He sat back as He surveyed all He had made. Then He proclaimed that it was very good. It satisfied His design. It met His expectations. It fulfilled His plan.

Anne Graham Lotz asks this question about Genesis 1:31 (In Decision Magazine, "Thankful for the Wind" pgs 35-37.) "What changes need to take place in your life for the Creator to say it is 'very good?'"

It's something for me to ponder.

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