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Over the next few months I'll be actively searching for a new literary agent. Would you pray with me that God will lead me to the right person? Thanks. I'll keep you posted!

God's Encouraging Words

"Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up." James 4:10

Have you ever heard someone pray to be made humble? I think that prayer comes from a misunderstanding of Scripture. In numerous places God tells us to humble ourselves. I think He wants me to exercise the courage and self-control He gives me to humble my own will and thoughts. I need to intentionally put others ahead of myself, to deliberately defer to others. If I absolutely can't do that myself and my pride and arrogance interferes with God's plans, then He will humble me. But that always happens in an unpleasant and "humiliating" way.

As a writer I'm tempted to put so much emphasis on marketing myself and my work that I can lose track of the humility of spirit God wants me to have. There's a balance between marketing and self-promotion, and placing my future in God's hands. It's hard to find. I have to ask God for wisdom to know how to maintain that balancing act. Which is something we ARE told to ask for in Scripture (James 1:5.) It's all part of living a balanced Christian life.

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