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Many thanks to you for praying with me about my Four Seasons books with Little Lamb Books.

The Spring book is on hold until 2020.

But, great news, we are working with a new illustrator on the Fall book. It should hit the bookstores the first week of September.

I am grateful to God for the wonderful people at Little Lamb Books! They are godly, prayerful and helpful!

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"For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him." 2 Chronicles 16:9

I've been frightened of bodies of water ever since I can remember. I can remember as a child trying to work up the courage to jump off the end of the dock into a lake. The only way I could do it was for Mama or Daddy to place themselves in the water in front of me. They would encourage me, "Look right at me. Don't look at the water, look right into my eyes."

It was looking into their eyes that strengthened me. It gave me the courage to do what I feared to do.

What in your life is scary right now? Look straight into your Father's eyes. He'll give you the courage you need.

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2018 Picture Book--That Fruit Is MINE!

2018 Picture Book--That Fruit Is MINE!
Another Picture Book Review by Jean Matthew Hall. That Fruit is MINE! was written and illustrated by Anuska Allepuz. It was published in 2018 by Albert Whitman & Company. First, let me say I LOVE the illustrations. Five elephants in a jungle. Five totally unique elephants in a jungle a dozen shades of greens and blues. The theme of That …
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