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Yes, Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner in the U. S. I know it's been another difficult year for many. But there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for.

My family surrounds me with love and attention. I'm grateful for that love. My house is solid, warm, it doesn't leak every time rain falls. My pantry and fridge are filled with food. My shoes aren't filled with holes.

God has blessed me with good health, good friends, good memories of Thanksgiving celebrations past.

How about you? Can you list a dozen things (or people) for which you are thankful?

Be sure to remember that being thankful isn't enough. We need to be thankful TO GOD. The good things in our lives don't just fall out of the sky or arise from the mist below. They come to us from God. AMEN.

Jean's Writing Life

ALL GOD’S CREATURES: 60 DAYS OF DEVOTIONS FOR ANIMAL-LOVING KIDS is a compilation that I'm proud to be part of. The illustrations are adorable. And the devotions are short, simple and perfect for parents to share with preschoolers, kindergartners and first graders. I've ordered some for my youngest grandkids. I hope you'll consider purchasing one for the littles in your circle of influence, too. One reason I am so proud of this book is that it helps with my mission of writing encouraging words that create opportunities for parents and young children to share time together learning about God and His creation.

You can order from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The book is available at Target, too. Please share the news! Thanks.
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I'm still working on my two picture book biographies. Coming along slowly!
I'm also writing and submitting stories to several anthologies like Chicken Soup for the Soul books. I'll let it know when they are accepted and when the books will be released.

Please pray for me as I continue to learn, to practice, to submit manuscripts, to search for the agent God has for me as an author.

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From God's Word

1 Timothy 1:12: "I give thanks to Christ Jesus our LORD who has strengthened me, because he considered me faithful appointing me to the ministry--"

Fifty plus years ago Christ embraced me and my husband Jerry and placed us in full-time Christian ministry. Jerry wasn't a pastor. We weren't foreign missionaries. We became missionaries to forgotten children here in the U. S. A. Jerry and I became "parents" to 24 boys and girls in a home for children who had been removed from their parents by the State of Florida. It was a time of giving so much of ourselves. But it was also a time of receiving immeasurable love from those children and countless blessings from our Lord.

After about three years God moved us to a different place of service. Years later, another, and another. In each position that God sent us to fill we did our best to serve Him faithfully. Whether I was preparing meals for 24 children, changing diapers in a daycare, teaching a class of first graders, leading a teen retreat, or administrating a school I tried to do it faithfully.

Yesterday my Sunday school teacher asked us, "If God were to change your name (like Sarai and Abram) what would you want your new name to be?" I have to say that the word "faithful" immediately popped to the surface for me.

Anywhere and anytime we serve the Lord by ministering to others we are in full-time Christian ministry. Each of us IS a minister for Christ. We don't need a certificate or college degree to be called by God to serve faithfully.

I hope when Jesus runs to greet me as I enter heaven He will whisper in my ear, "Welcome home, my faithful one."

Blessings, ya'll, and Happy Thanksgiving Day.

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