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Me and some of the small Redwood trees at Mt. Hermon, CA.
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How You Can Pray for Jean

  • Pray I will always listen for the Lord's leading as I write and seek publication.
  • Pray for me as I step into leadership for the Kentucky Christian Writers Conference
  • Pray God will open publication doors as He sees fit. He knows the people my words can best minister to.

Encouraging Words for Writers

You'll find a list of my favorite books about writing on my website HERE.
Please email me to let me know if any of them have proven helpful to you, OR, to recommend other books. Thanks.

Mt. Hermon Christian Writers Conference

In April I enjoyed my first Mt. Hermon Christian Writers Conference. WOW! God's creation is on splendid display here.
The atmosphere was peaceful and refreshing.

The spiritual atmosphere was, too. Beautiful times of worship helped me to remember Who I serve and why I serve Him by writing for children. The testimonies of key note speakers Phil Callaway, Bill Meyers, Brandilyn Collins, and Kay Marshall Strom reminded me that all of us face challenges and that God brings us through them victoriously.

The workshops were excellent. The editors and agents were gracious and helpful.
The food was fantastic! The facilities were rustic, but comfortable.

It was an amazing experience that I will be repeating in the future.
Thank you, friends, for praying for me.
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God's Encouraging Words for You

"For our citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ." Philippians 3:20 NKJV

I'm proud to be an American citizen. This country has been blessed beyond measure by God. And we, the citizens of this land, are blessed just to be living here.
But I'm no Pollyanna about America. We have our share of interior problems to deal with. But America is still a great place to belong to.

However, I have dual-citizenship. Yep. I'm a citizen of Heaven, too. And the beauty and glory of America will pale in comparison to Heaven. I'm excited about what awaits me for all eternity!

I was born an American citizen. But I CHOSE to become a citizen of Heaven. When I accepted Jesus as my Savior and asked Him to be the ruler of my life He granted me that second citizenship. And no person or power can ever take it away.
Thank you, God!

How about you, friend? Where is YOUR citizenship resting?

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After much prayer and thought about the future of my blog - Encouraging Words from Jean Matthew Hall - I've concluded that I need to stop writing new posts. I have become seriously involved with my Word Weavers International online critique group, with the Kentucky Christian Writers Conference, and with Write2Ignite for Christian Writers of Children's and YA Literature. The …
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In my distress

In my distress
Over the past few months I’ve experienced an avalanche of emotions--most of them negative. I’ve been afraid, stressed, distressed, lonely, confused, worried, sad, angry, hesitant, even paralyzed at times. But I’ve found the secret to coping with those emotions and keeping them in check—or at least in balance. I’ve found the secret to digging out from under that avalanche. IT'S …

Peace in distress

When my days seem to be filled with distress I try to fill my heart with God's Word. For me there's no better way to keep my heart tuned in to it than through spiritual music. Shane & Shane's performance of "I Will Wait for You - Psalm 130" reminds me of the peace I have in the Lord. Find …
Peace in distress

Writing in rhyme

Writing in rhyme
Children love both rhythm and rhyme. Toddlers and preschoolers can’t help but groove to music that has both elements. Even we adults find ourselves tapping our toes and bouncing to the beat of whatever is coming from our car radios. Rhythm is part of our bodies’ design. God made us to respond emotionally and physically in different ways to different …

Fun preschool Math Activities

I was recently introduced to the blog Smart Parent Advice by Ryan and Cristin Howard. They offer sound, practical (I do mean PRACTICAL) advice for parents of young children. Cristin's post "Fun Activities to Promote Math Skills" contains fun and effective math activities for toddlers and preschoolers. Activities that don't require a "curriculum." Please check it out below. Fun Activities …