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Glimpses into Jean's Writing Life April 2021


This is my living room in my new (to me) home in LaGrange, KY. I've had the same furniture for 20 years +. After I moved this time, however, I realized my sofa and chair were ready to meet their great reward. I ordered new ones. They are a mossy-green color, and are quite comfortable. But now I'm taking a second look at my tables and credenza. They look kind of hodge-podge, I think. So, I'm planning to refinish them. The tables and chair will become a deep gray. Then, that mint-green credenza will be a deep barn door red.

Later in the summer I plan to paint the walls a medium taupe color--not gray, but not beige.

Can you envision it? New, more modern hardware and, I hope, I'll have a whole new look. A change from my "early American granny" decor. What do you think of my color pallet? What would you suggest? Be honest. I can take it.

I'm doing some redesigning to my website, too. Not an entire do-over, just sprucing things up. I would love to get your input.

I like my header (same as above). But, do you think it's time to change it out? What would you suggest?

I'm adding some new online resources and books for writers. Do you know of any great writing websites that I should add? How about a fantastic book for writers you recommend?

I haven't blogged in quite some time and have no plans to return to it anytime soon. Do you blog? How often?

I'm thinking of adding a page for children's books by my writing friends. I'll probably link the images back to their websites. What do you think of that idea?

I know this piece is filled with questions. That's because I really want your help in deciding what to do. Would you be so kind as to shoot me a quick email with answers to some of these questions? Thanks a bunch!

I like to take my time with decisions. And I want input from others, too. God's Word says in Proverbs 15:22 (NIV) "Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed."

Will you help me out? Thanks!


From God's Word

Psalm 78 recites a history of Israel. In verse 70 it reminds us that God chose David his servant to be the Shepherd of Israel. Then, in verse 72 we read "He shepherded them with a pure heart and guided them with his skillful hands." (HCSB)

As I read this I thought about God's call to me to write for His children. He called me to be a shepherd, of sorts, over the words in my imagination. He called me to learn the craft of writing so that I use words to relay His message. Am I shepherding those words with a pure heart and skillful hands?

Am I choosing words, phrases and sentences that build upon each other to present messages of hope and redemption? Am I guiding those words? Am I protecting them? Am I providing safe stories for those words to inhabit? Am I leading those words down paths of righteousness? Am I making my words a healing balm for those who read?

Maybe this is a big stretch of my imagination. But I believe God will hold me accountable for how I use whatever gifts He gives to me. The ability to write is one of those gifts.

God puts the sheep in the care of their shepherd. He's responsible for them.

And I am responsible to God for the words He puts in my head. I want to shepherd them well.

Thanks for reading.



A Little Something for Writers

If you Indy Publish check out this online space for selling your books.

If you write for children, or if you just want to know the reading level of a book this resource is great to use. Accelerated Reader Book Finder

News from Jean's Writing Life

I continue to take online workshops learning how to write nonfiction picture books. I'm preparing to send a biography to a couple of publishers and see if they like them.

I've also started a new biography about a Polish World War II hero named Irena Sendler. It's amazing what she and her "underground railroad" did to save the lives of Jewish people in Warsaw, Poland. That means tons and tons of research. Then, to get all that stuff on the reading and interest level of elementary school children in about 1000 words.

Nothing to it! Right?

I've also reached a place of peace with the craziness in the publishing business at this time. God has renewed my ability to TRUST Him and His plans for the words I write. I realize they may never be bound and on library shelves. But that is in God's hands. I want to continue to trust Him to use my words in His way.

I've realized, too, that my writing journey isn't just about books and publication. God has allowed me to interact with some amazing people who write for Him. Some have helped me as a writer and as a person. Some I have been able to encourage and help. That should be enough for me. I pray it remains "enough" and results in a permanent contentment with doing what God expects and leaving the results to Him.

Maybe you need to do the same. I'll pray for you (really, I will) and you pray for me, please.


Kentucky Christian Writers Virtual Conference

June 17-19, 2021 Registration now open.


W2I Picture Book Master Class April 24, 2021

Master Teacher Laura Sassi

Registration ends April 21, 2021