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Over the past few months The Lord has blessed me with productivity. I hope you have used the time of social distancing for rest, for thought, for prayer, and maybe for productivity, too. I've been busy writing. And that is a wonderful experience.

I'm excited to feel the creative juices flowing. A writing friend, Nancy I. Sanders, challenged me to try something new--nonfiction picture books. I've been digging into research on some people for biographies. Even though our physical local libraries are closed they are open online. Using their research links has enabled me to search through encyclopedias, professional journals, magazines, newspapers and more. I've borrowed a few books on my Kindle for research also. YouTube, museums, archives have been sources of rich online research.

I had forgotten how crazy I am about research. Don't laugh at me, but I truly enjoy chasing down people, places and events through research. I had fortten how much fun it is. Those Google bread crumbs are magical!

I've managed to almost complete two picture book manuscripts and I've started on two more. It feels wonderful to be putting my ideas into stories on the screen again. Please don't think that nonfiction requires any less creativity than fiction. Hey! It might just require more to make the subject fun and inviting!

Last week I even queried four agents. What happens with those queries is in God's hands. Thank you again for holding my writing up in prayer. And thank you, Nancy, for giving me that much-needed shove.

Big news for the Kentucky Christian Writers Conference. It will continue as scheduled for June 18-20, 2020 ONLINE. Our "Write the Vision" Conference costs only $20.20. Register now online at
The first Write2Ignite Master Class (on Writing Children's Fiction) is scheduled for September 19, 2020. Our Master Teacher is the award-winning author of 6 middle-grade novels, Joyce Moyer Hostetter. Please check it out at
Wondering about me? My writing? Write2Ignite? Kentucky Christian Writers Conference? Email me.
Prayer Requests

Thank you for praying with me last month about my writing. I think the Lord brought me to a turning point with my discouragement about not being published more. It's a struggle I discuss in a blog post June 2, 2020. My attitude is much improved.

Pray for Write2Ignite and the Kentucky Christian Writers Conference to honor the Lord.

Please continue praying for my grandchildren to trust the Lord in everyday life as well as in crises.

How can I pray for you? Really. You are my friends and I would be glad to pray for you. Please click below to send me your prayer requests.

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