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So much uncertainly surrounds us. Do we plan for tomorrow? Next week? Next month? Do we keep Plan B tucked in our vest pockets to be whipped out at the moment of need? Do we plan our lives like everything is "normal" with the back door propped open so we can make a quick exit if the COVID-19 pandemic continues?

And what in the world will our tomorrow look like when things go back to "normal"?
Those questions are causes for fear, stress and apprehension for many of us.
What are we to do?

We are to fall back into our default setting as Christians--HOPE.

We place our hope for tomorrow in Christ who is eternal. He is our yesterday and tomorrow. He is our beginning and our ending.

Romans 5:3-5 tells us that affliction works patience (perserverance or endurance) and patience works hope. I've been reading a lot in the Bible about hope the past few days. It dawned on me (as if it were some new truth) that I can't find any verses that say God gives us hope. Everything I've read lately says that WE are to make the choice to place our hope in Him. We decide to live with hope or despair. We decide to place our hope in people and things and stuff around us. Or, we decide to place our hope in Christ. Not only for our salvation--but for our lives on this earth.

COVID-19 may turn our world upside down. But our lives are not built on this world. As Christians our lives are built on Christ--our solid rock. Hope built on the shifting sands of this world will bottom out. Hope built on the rock of Christ will stand regardless of the waves crashing upon it.

Choose HOPE.
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I'm excited to share that a local Chick-fil-A restaurant has asked me to read my book God's Blessings of Fall live on Face Book on Thursday, April 16. I thank the Lord for this unexpected blessing. I'll share it to my Face Book newsfeed. So, look for it, please at Jean Matthew Hall. It would be extra special for you to share it also. Thanks!
I also thank God that I am serving on the Kentucky Christian Writers Planning Committee for our annual conference. It's scheduled for June 18-20, 2020. "Write the Vision." Please pray with us as we seek the Lord's direction in our decisions.
I'm also overjoyed to be on the Planning Team for Write2Ignite for Christian Writers of Children's and Young Adult Literature. God has led us to change our format this year from a "regular" writers conference to a one-day workshop. Our first Master Class (on Writing Children's Fiction) is scheduled for September 19, 2020. Only God knows what September will look like concerning COVID-19. We're asking Him for wisdom as we plan with HOPE that we can meet together, but wait in HOPE for what might or might not come to pass. Our future is in God's hands.
Prayer Requests

Please ask God to teach me as I study in depth about writing extraordinary picture books that will touch people's lives. Whether they are published soon, or years from now, I want them to deliver hope, restoration, love. Above all else I want the books and my publishing journey to glorify the Lord.

Pray for God to use COVID-19 for His glory in our lives.

Pray for one of my grandchildren, please. O has some special needs right now.

Please pray for God to lead the Write2Ignite and Kentucky Christian Writers Conference Teams as we plan this year's events for His glory. KCWC is scheduled to meet in June. W2I Master Class in Children's Fiction is scheduled to meet in September. At this time we are trying to make the wisest choice about the KCWC. We need your prayers.

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