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The news within the publishing industry is not business as usual, especially with Amazon announcing this week that they will be reducing purchases of “non-essential” product orders, such as books. For myself and many other authors I would like to remind you that you can purchase our books from other online sites like Barnes & Noble,, Target, Walmart, and indie bookstores. Thanks!

It's wonderful to see a large number of children's writers, publishers and magazines providing FREE activities, You Tube videos, webinars, and classes for children and for fellow writers. SCBWI is preparing a list of these activities for their website. Check it out on March 23rd.

You'll find FREE coloring pages on my website for your little ones.

I'm excited to see that some of the world's largest museums are providing free virtual tours, also. This could not only keep our kids busy, but they might discover a new passion in art, writing or music. I love it when difficulties bring people together. We may not be able to gather around the same table, but we can help and encourage each other around our screens. Thank you, Lord, for camaraderie.

Do you have a question you'd like to ask me? About my book? About writing? About advice for parenting? Do you have a prayer request? Just email me.
Prayer Requests

Please ask God to teach me as I study in depth about writing extraordinary picture books that will touch people's lives. I'm also studying middle-grade books in depth.

Thank you for praying for my family. My son's health has greatly improved. Please continue to pray that his immune system especially because he must continue to work. I'm praying his body can fight off whatever viruses or bacteria he contacts.

I'm also asking prayer concerning the next book in my Bountiful Blessings series. I don't know how the shut-downs in this industry will affect that. I don't want my prayers to be selfish, to be all about me and my stuff. But I would love to see the next title hit the shelves this summer. Just not sure that can happen. Above all else I want the books and my publishing journey to glorify the Lord.

Please pray for God to lead the Write2Ignite and Kentucky Christian Writers Conference Teams as they plan this year's events for His glory. KCWC meets in June. W2I meets in September.

"Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ."
Galatians 6:2 NKJV


Book Reviews

You can be a BIG blessing to me and to other Christian authors that you appreciate.

Just write two or three sentences that tell what you honestly think about a book you read. Then post it under "Reviews" at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, FictionFinder, GoodReads, or BookBub. You can even copy and paste the same exact review on more than one site. Please give it a try for God's Blessings of Fall. It will mean a great deal to me and to Little Lamb Books. Thanks, faithful friends!

Reviews help readers find the kinds of books they want to buy. And, getting a positive review is a HUGE blessing to every author.

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My Writing Area

You might remember my rather old and clunky writing area from last year. My desk was a makeshift and I had boxes stacked around me. NO MORE! My wonderful family surprised me last Christmas with an elegant new desk. While I was out of town they rearranged my space with an additional bookshelf. (I can always use one more!). It's …
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