A Seed Is the Start-a Nonfiction Picture Book

Another nonfiction picture book review by Jean Matthew Hall.

seedA Seed Is the Start is a National Geographic Kids book. It was written by Melissa Stewart and copyrighted in 2018. The illustrations are all photographs.

The ISBN is 978-1-4263-2977-7.

Something a little different about this picture book is that a short glossary (Words to Know) appears on the title page.

Teacher Alert!

It covers a wide range of facts about how seeds grow and how they travel. The photographs are brilliant. The multi-sized, multi-font, multi-colored text actually becomes part of the art of this book. Stewart’s casual, conversational style makes the book appeal to middle grade kids, I believe.

A Seed Is the Start, like all of Melissa Stewart’s nonfiction books, is an attractive and stimulating addition to any elementary classroom, library or homeschool.

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