Anything Is Possible – Picture Book

Another Picture Book Review by Jean Matthew Hall

Anything Is Possible was written in Italian by Giulia Belloni and illustrated by Marco Trevisan. It was translated into English by William Anselmi and published in English in 2011 by Owl Kids.

A sheep and a wolf become unlikely partners in a venture to build a flying machine and soar above the earth. The sheep is the dreamer with the idea. The wolf is the mechanic with the know how to bring the dream to fruition.

Anything Is Possible tells the story of their persistence and determination through miserably failed attempts. The sheep keeps the dream alive and the wolf has enough vision to see that the project is worth all of the effort.

At last they succeed and decide that nothing is impossible to those willing to keep at it.


The illustrations are cute and eye-catching. The kids in your life will enjoy this read.

It might also provide an opportunity to discuss how two such unlikely friends can work together so well.

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